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Hannah Minter, LCSW

Minter Counseling

My philosophy

We create our reality from our own thoughts and feelings. When negative thoughts and emotions dominate our self-narrative, it can destabilize both our mental and physical health. Therapy is a powerful tool that helps us gain control. Speaking our thoughts and feelings into existence allows us to consider them from a new perspective. Through therapy, we search for the origin and truth in our thoughts and emotions, and develop ways to lessen and even eliminate their harmful impact on our lives.


I am eager to meet you where you are, and to learn and understand the challenges you are facing. While many people may share a common diagnosis, such as depression or anxiety, there are endless personal factors to consider in developing a therapy plan. I work carefully to understand your background and experiences, your physical well-being and your motivations and goals. By addressing these multiple facets, we can together develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses you as a whole person, not just your diagnosis.


In order for therapy to be effective, the client/therapist relationship must be a partnership. In my practice, clients serve as the subject matter expert. My role is to help them identify negative thought patterns or unhealthy emotions, then provide the compassionate support, resources and skill set needed to overcome them not only during therapy sessions, but consistently in their daily lives. Honesty, empathy, and respect serve as the foundation of my practice. Additionally, I find a healthy dose of humor can be an effective tool in lessening the intensity of the work. 

“I have been in therapy on and off through most of my adulthood, but after the last few years of consistently working with you and working hard on myself, I have started to feel a significant breakthrough in the last few months."


Hannah Minter Counseling Contact

Contact Me

Thank you for your interest in Hannah Minter Counseling, I look forward to speaking with you further. Please be aware that while best efforts to protect privacy are maintained, I cannot guarantee confidentiality for information exchanged through my website or email. If you choose to communicate confidential information with me through these mediums, I will assume you have made an informed decision and understand the risk that correspondences may be intercepted. To ensure confidentiality, please contact me at 720-901-3970 to speak further. 

7173 S Havana St #600, Centennial, CO 80112

Tel: 720-901-3970

Thank you!

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