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Green Couch

Individual Therapy

In collaboration with one another, we will identify past or present maladaptive thinking and behavior patterns that cause psychological distress. Additionally, you'll learn applicable coping skills that can be applied to real-life challenges. Finally, my strengths-based approach boosts individuals' perception of self and capability. Utilizing a blend of evidenced-based and holistic modalities, individuals often find themselves living happier, healthier lives that are more authentic to their internal values. 

Family Therapy

 Connection through relationships is an essential part of the human experience. When we feel disconnected from those we love, it impacts our mental health. Participants of family therapy will identify shared goals, challenge problematic thoughts and behaviors that create dysfunction within the family system, and improve communication with one another to better understand diverse needs. I am committed to facilitating support that allows families to develop and foster more meaningful, fulfilling bonds with one another. 

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Job interview


I am invested in mentoring developing therapists and offer professional supervision. In this collaborative process, I use multiple modalities such as a case based discussions, education on ethical and legal issues, and coaching to help emerging therapists develop the foundation and skill set they need.

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